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Iron Fist Zombabe Photo Contest

Turn your Iron Fist Clothing into a costume. We're having a costume photo contest! Enter to WIN a $500 Shopping Spree from Tag a picture #zombabe @ironfistclothing of yourself wearing at least one Iron Fist item (Footwear - Apparel - Accessories) on Instagram Facebook or Twitter for a chance to WIN. Winner will be chosen Monday, November 3rd. Contestant photos will be featured at for everyone to check out. Feel free to enter as many photos as you want. Be creative. You don't have to be a zombie. We are a looking for costumes that integrate Iron Fist. Good luck!

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Are you looking for the hottest alternative fashion colors for Fall of 2014? Over the past few weeks we asked 27 fashion experts and prolific bloggers (including ourselves) a simple question:

“What would be your top 3 alternative color choices for men and women for Fall 2014?”

We wanted to know what the trend is…, and what the experts are predicting. As a cutting edge alterative e-commerce online clothing boutique, we were curious what the experts felt and see what fall fashion colors reveal themselves. Here are the results! We would like to thank all the fashion experts and bloggers who participated in this expert roundup. All have a great sense of style and a deep love for fashion. They are listed in no particular order, just in the order the responses have been received to us. By the way, our own color choices for Fall 2014 are as follows;

Men: Mustard, Charcoal, True Blue

Women: Plum, Off white (smoke) Teal

Read on to discover each expert’s favorite Fall colors for men and women for 2014! Grab a coffee, get comfortable and commence scrolling!
 - Answering to your question I would say that my 3 top alternative color choices for this fall are the following : 


For Women : The caution yellow, the peachy nude and the deep emerald. 


For Boys : The steel blue , the rust colour and the olive. 


Best Regards, 


Nuria  - As to the top 3 color choices for Fall 2014, I would prefer to make a few little steps in upgrading the color palette from Spring for women. For instance, turning pastel pink to vivacious pink, neon green to emerald, violet tulip to acai.

While color palette for women is designed by intensifying some selected hues, I prefer to stay in neutral color palette for men. My top 3 choices are pearl gray, royal blue, buckskin brown color.

I'm looking forward to this project. Best luck!


Best Regards,


Bianca Castro - Okay, so my top three color choices for women of Fall 2014 would be 




1. Cypress, a neutral green

2. Royal Blue, a dark color

3. Aluminum, light to dark neutral




1.Magenta Purple, dark color

2.Celosia Orange, pop of color

3.Sand, Neutral 


These are the colors ranging from bold to neutral that I expect and would believe to be the alternative colors for Fall 2014

Matthew Mayfield - I would love to contribute and give you my answer:

For women my top 3 colors for Fall 2015 are camel, purple and light blue. For man my top picks are mustard, forest green and white.


Thank you,

Sahar - Thank you for reaching out. In terms of top 3 alternative colors for Fall 2014, here's what I suggest:


For women:  Mustard, Burnt Orange and Plum

For men: Hunter Green, Navy and Charcoal


Of course, I think all six colors are interchangeable for both genders.


All the best,

Tilden - Thanks for your email! I might be loving burgundy, olive green and gold accents for fall.


Luanna Perez-Garreaud - Thanks so much for reaching out! Iron Fist Clothing is a radical brand and I love the alternative style. My top three alternative color choices for Fall 2014 would most certainly be pale blue, deep forest green, and a deep slate for men, and I’d love to see some burnt reds, pastel pinks, and antique whites for women.


Alanna Martine

 -  I love the clothes on Iron Fist Clothing, rad. My top three color choices for fall 2014 for men would be black, maroon, and navy.

My top three color choices for 2014 for women would be red, grey, and black.



Waters Riley

 - I would have to say that my top 3 alternative color choices for women would have to be: dark orange, black, army green! I have been seeing a lot of fall pieces with orange and yellow pieces but the color is toned down a bit. I love this (being a big fan of color) because it is a great way to implement color into the darker days of Fall! As for men: dark gray, navy blue, and forest green! These colors create a great color palette for the men who seek to look great for Fall! 

Karina Casillas - This fall I am all about the mauves, deep purples, & dash of goldy yellows. They are the perfect transition from the crazy bright hues of summer to the toned down colors of fall. 


Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger
 -I would have to say that my top three colour choices for fall would be black, burgundy and plum, for both men and women. Or just a completely monochromatic look. 




Malin Z
 My top 3 alternative colors for Fall would have to be white, royal blue and dusty pink/nude :)

Thanks Alan!



Like The Yogurt
 - My top 3 color choices for Fall 2014, which aren't really colorful at all, would have to be black, white, and gray. Those are probably my go-to colors all year round, but especially in the colder seasons. I just think you can never go wrong with these colors, whether you wear them apart or together. They work for both men and women and, if done correctly, can be flattering on everyone!


Hope this helps!


- Jess Being a fashion blogger and someone who is obsessed with fall, I’ve looked heavily into what the hottest upcoming trends are. I’ve even already decided what my go-to colors will be. I’m really looking forward to the blacks, burgundies and sangria shades this Fall fashion season has to offer.

I think those colors are perfect because all three look good on a high variation of different skin tones. As most of us know, black works with almost everything while the burgundy and sangria colors give off that warm and cozy vibe. This will be perfect for the temperature transition from hot to brisk. The three would look amazing combined together in an outfit as well.

If you’re looking for something in particular from I would suggest making the Misfit Denim Vest in Black a staple piece in your closet this fall.

Best Wishes

Olivia Dunn My top 3 alternative color choices for Fall 2014 are burgundy, white, and black for women.  For men, my top 3 color choices are navy, burgundy, and black.  

Thanks again.  Please let me know if this is sufficient or if you would like me to elaborate.   For me, black and white are always staples.  



Shelly My top choice for Winter will always be black as the first choice, both for women and men. As far as other colours are concerned, I think that prints and patterns will be huge this season. They already have in the past couple of years, but we will see much less solid colours in the next months. For men I think that minimal will still be all the rage, so black, grey and white. Women will go for black and warm colours. Not pastels, but not bright or neon colours. Warm yellow, burgundy, warm grey and patterns patterns patterns!

Elisa Thanks so much for reaching out! The site looks really cool :) Here's my top 3 alternative color choices for both men and women.

3. Ochre - it's a deep, rich natural pigment golden shade. For Fall, I love earthy jewel tones (among many other colors) but instead of the average oxblood, forest greens and black you can stand out with this fun color. 

2. Opalescent- this is a MUST for us vaporwave/seapunk folks who want that otherworldly look to our outfits. Opalescent fabrics are everywhere and it's really the fun color bending sheen that drew my eye to this shade a while ago. 

1. Colored Metallics - Much like opalescence I can't seem to get enough of shiny fabrics. Metallics have been big in the fashion world. We're seeing it more and more in different patterns, designs and products. I'm excited to see some bright vivid colored metallics on shirts, shorts and shoes. Here's hoping rainbow metallics start getting more attention.



Annie For women, I think my top 3 alternative color choices for Fall '14 would definitely be black, brown and navy blue. For men, I think I'd pick grey, black and dark brown.

Nora Aradi The top 3 alternative color choice for Fall 2014 is Samba (red), Navy Blue and Caramel (brown) for women Dark Gray , Navy Blue and Carlet (dark red) for men.




Claire Liu  From my perspective, the most alternative color choices for 2014 are ones that aren't usually associated with "alternative" aesthetics. Colors like fluorescent pink and highlighter green (this pair of sneakers is perfect:, muted pastels like peach and lavender, and completely neutral shades like beige and charcoal inspire me in particular. I think most people associate alternative fashion with dark reds, rich blues, black, and yellow leopard. But paving the way for the future means countering those expectations and juxtaposing a hardcore lifestyle brand with nursery hues for ultimate shock appeal and contrast. And I'd kill to see a punk in head to toe beige instead the usual black and tattoo print!

Bebe Zeva For Women: For Fall 2014, we saw designers breaking away from traditional autumn colours. I would definitely opt for exotic reds, deep burgundy and bright blues. Play around with them! For Men: Non-traditional colours also goes for the men. I find the season reminiscent of adventuring so think steely greys, royal blues and don't forget the deep wines. 

Kind Regards, 


 My favorites are tangerine, grey, bright cobalt :)


Aisa Ipac

 My top 3 alternative color choices for Fall for women would be burgundy, dark purple, and orange (more of a toned down warm orange). Top 3 colors for men would be dark blue, white, and grey.


Amelia Jin
 Here is my color's choice for Fall 2014. Women : Yellow (Mustard), Purple, Dark Blue Men : Khaki, Dark Blue, Camel


Best regards,

  I'm loving navy, burgundy, and brown for fall!


Tonya Smith My 3 alternative color choices for Fall 2014 for women would be Radiant orchid, a rich royal blue and a new take on the classic burgundy. 
For men, I would love to see mixes of camel, olive green and cobalt.

Thank you so much!
Andrea Fernandez

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Check out footage from the Iron Fist Fall 2013 Launch Party! This was a super fun night with some really great, very good looking, people. Spring 2014 coming soon! We are soooo excited!!! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who loves and supports Iron Fist! Let's Play

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Iron Fist Pinterest Graphics

11/18/13 3:10 PM

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Music Festival Fashion

April marks the beginning of music festival season all over the world!

Whether you are driving out to SoCal for Coachella, heading to Tennessee for Bonnaroo, trekking out to Glastonbury for the big music fest, or just travelling with friends this season, IF Ladies has a ton of rad coordinates to get you rocking out to your music in style.

Festival Look

Skull-a-Dot Blouse

Loose Tooth Super Platform

Loose Tooth Fringe Hobo Bag (Coming soon to!)


Comfy Shoes for festival hopping!

Zombie Stomper Creepers

Zombie Stomper Creepers

Sweets for my Sweet Flats


Be sure to cruise around for evenmore comfy shoes, breezy tops, and fun looks to impress your friends and bands you love during the craziness that is... MUSIC FESTIVAL SEASON! Yeah!

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