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Time for Spring, suckas! 


(Like our weirdy beardy spring pic? hehe.)


Welcome back to a whole new season of awesomeness!


And also... hey! Welcome back to us actually blogging for once. We just want a chance to sit around, chat with you ladies, and say HEY! We’re listening! We like you! Let’s be friends! Woo! SPRING BREAK! (You guys watch Arrested Development, right?)


Anywhoo, a huge “DUDE WE ARE SORRY!” that it’s taking so long to get the entire spring range up! Blah!

We are dealing with some hijinks with our deliveries into our main warehouse, but in the meantime, everything else that’s in stock is up on the site for your perusal. The rest of the items SHOULD be up on our site by the end of the month! BLAM! We know you guys are impatient for all the rad-ness we wanna unveil (we read your Facebook comments, we swear!), and we’re working hard to get everything in stock and up for you guys to enjoy!

Also.. this!

We've had a lot of comments and issues about shipping, but we are now offering $8 flat rate shipping for all orders within the continental US! Plus, for $100+ orders in the US and $200 + orders international still get free shipping too. We know a lot of customers have had issues with our shipping costs in the past, and we've been negotiating with UPS again and again, but GAH! it's difficult since we are not as huge as giant corps like Amazon or SuperGiantClothingCompanies... but we are doing our best!! The $8 flat rate shipping was possible because... we love you guys and we've decided to take the hit for the difference <3 

Thanks for sticking around to see the entire spring line!

You’ll notice some cool new stuff this time around: aside from our normal craziness of tons of amazing shoes, apparel, and bags, we’ve added in some rad nail stickers and a zombie watch to boot! Let us know how you like these new items <3 (YES! They’re totally already UP on the website! Check it here and here!)


We’ve also been thinking up more ways to get you guys to talk to us about what you want, so we created this little customer survey to get your feedback, and find out what you like, what we can improve on, and all sorts of good stuff.

You can pop over here real quick to take the survey, and at the end, get rewarded with a special discount code for! <3 Woohoo!


We are currently rushing around like crazy people getting the Fall 2013 line into production and creating pieces for Spring 2014 already. We’re also revving up for parties and events galore so we can hang out with you guys!

 First up!

Our men’s line IRN FST MFG (MFG stands for Manufacturing..! We know some of you were asking!) is throwing an awesome SHOE RELEASE party THIS FRIDAY in San Francisco! Party with our crew, courtesy of co-sponsers Thrasher magazine and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Woo! Details here!


Next up!

We are getting our butts up to Viva Las Vegas to vend at the bowling tourney and the Car Show! Our booth will feature craaaaay-zay deals on shoes, bags, and clothing, with items discounted to $40 - $5!!!! That’s like... CRAZY CHEAP!


And next…!

We’re planning our next SAMPLE SALE! All you LA peeps were so rad and made a great turnout last time, that we want to keep this sample sale a “thing,” and do it as often as we have time to! This time we’re teaming up with some fun pals to do a whole SAMPLE SALE + FUN + BRUNCH + PARTYING WITH FRIENDS deal…! Stay tuned for more details.. should be happening this April <3


Thanks for sticking with us ladies! Let’s kick off spring to a rad start, get pretty, and LET’S PLAY!


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Get Faker

3/12/13 9:28 AM

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10/18/12 4:31 PM

We know you want kickass fashion that makes your friends green with envy. We know you want wild, different, loud, and insolent looks
that shout out to the world who you are. Well, we’re back this Fall with a sparkly-as-hell new web store, chock full of playful looks to let your
inner fashion animal run wild. We’ve totally revamped the site after hearing your feedback and have shaken up the entire web store to meet your fashion-hungry needs.

Please take a sec and re-register with our new system so you can join the party!



Welcome Back

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Photoshoot in Desolate Desert perfect lighting and scenery for a great shoot !!! an amazing crew with amazing models really gave us the chance to capture what the IF range stands for and the direction we as a company are moving in,this seasons range is to say the least amazing & exciting hope you enjoy the video !!!

Track:The Dead Weather-Die By The Drop

Director: Chris Frara

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